10 Best Learning Management Systems for Enterprises in the UK 2023

September 10, 2023

Whether you’re a small startup, enterprise, or multinational organization, discover 10 of the best LMS platforms on the market.

Continuous learning and skill development have become essential for enterprises to stay competitive and ensure they have the right skills to meet future demands. It’s why a staggering 89% of learning and development (L&D) leaders agree that proactively building employee skills will help meet workplace demands. 

As technology revolutionizes how we work and learn, enterprises worldwide invest in Learning Management Systems (LMS) to streamline their training and development efforts.

Choosing the right LMS for your business is an important decision. With so many LMS options available, how do you find the right one that is a) cost-effective and b) aligns with your unique needs and values? 

Whether you’re a small startup, enterprise, or multinational organization, discover 10 of the best LMS platforms on the market. Make an informed decision based on fact–not a hunch.

Best for:

1. Blossom

Enterprise and global corporations with a complex, diverse workforce

2. 360 Learning

Enterprises that prioritize collaborative learning

3. Cornerstone

Businesses seeking ways to improve learner participation

4. Docebo

Established companies looking to expand their online learning

5. Absorb LMS

Global corporations who want to offer multi-model learning

6. LearnUpon

Businesses looking for an intuitive user experience

7. TalentLMS

Enterprises that want users to collaborate

8. Litmos

Top-performing enterprises and non-profits

9. HowNow

Organizations with a remote and hybrid workforce

10. Moodle

Educational establishments, freelancers, and large businesses

1. Blossom

Best for: Ultimate LMS for enterprise and global corporations with a complex, diverse workforce

Key features:

  • Fully customizable, modular solutions tailored to your needs
  • Resource planning and project management 
  • Staff training and performance
  • Robust analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Video content and libraries
  • Quantifiable feedback and evaluation tools
  • Kiosk remote access via QR code mobile
  • Enhanced reporting module
  • Social collaboration and gamification
  • AI-based content and course suggestions

Israeli-based Blossom is a powerful cloud-based LMS for modern businesses. With a vast range of features and functionality to help manage your entire training and development needs, Blossom has a global customer base (known as partners).

With well-known partners in retail, healthcare, government, financial services, and more, the platform has an advanced user interface.  Considering industries in healthcare, government, and financial services have some of the most stringent regulations, Blossom allows you to meet legal requirements and comply with industry procedures without compromising efficiency and productivity.

Reduce duplication of tasks and automate L&D processes, for example, filtering reports for compliance and sending emails for onboarding new team members. Connectivity with RM for the education sector, ERP apps and data sources, Active Directory, mail server, and more makes managing learning and development efficient and cost-effective.

Achieve more with less effort. Blossom has an intuitive, centralized platform that offers powerful tools that track, automate, and streamline routine HR, training, and development tasks. Perfect for remote operations, employees, contractors, and partners can engage, collaborate, and communicate wherever they are, from any device, at any time.

Blossom is a powerful LMS that offers complete flexibility as you scale your business. Customizable modules allow you to choose the learning activities you need that can be scaled to accommodate the needs of a growing learner base. As your business grows, learners can access a wider range of options to choose from. This scalability makes it easier to onboard new employees, expand training programs, or meet an increased employee count without major logistical challenges or additional costs. 

With exceptional customer care and support, Blossom stands out from other LMS providers. Its friendly and experienced team is equipped to get your LMS up and running quickly and offer continued support when you need it. 

  • “We receive great levels of support. Their team is fully accessible whenever needed. We feel like they really care.” -Orit Barkama, Learning and Development manager at SodaStream

Price available on request. Schedule a demo here.

2. 360Learning

Best for: Enterprises that prioritize collaborative learning

Key features:

  • Group creation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Reuse existing resources
  • Collaborative activities
  • Course automation

With a 4.6/5 customer review rating, 360Learning makes its mark in customer satisfaction.

As collaborative learning is one of the main functions, enterprises can learn together, empowering users to actively participate in their learning journey.

With efficient user management features, such as setting up permissions and user delegation within groups, 360Learning can help scale your business fast. The LMS can sync with HRIS and other platforms, avoiding duplication by syncing learner analytics directly from 360Learning into HR systems.

Prices start from $8/registered user per month.  Up to 1000 users/month. Free trial available.

3. Cornerstone

Best for: Businesses seeking ways to improve learner participation

Key features:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Risk management 
  • Integrations with partner apps
  • Engagement surveys
  • Recruitment and onboarding 

Cornerstone offers a complete AI-powered learning experience for everyone. The LMS provides regular updates that consider users’ input. 

The software is customizable and offers a unique experience for each user type. With assessments, quizzes, gamification, individual learning paths, and more, the software builds on user experience to improve participation.

Cornerstone users get training and development unique to their needs, inspiring each individual to engage with their learning to increase their skills. 

The software has intelligent security configurations. It can use custom pages to embed self-service tools for learners and instructors–all within the portal.

Straightforward content and user management make Cornerstone a good choice for businesses looking to improve engagement and expand their learning and development functions.

Pricing is available on request. Book a demo.

4. Docebo

Best for: Established businesses looking to expand their online learning

Key features:

  • Course builder
  • Learning paths
  • Role-based templates
  • Sell and manage subscriptions
  • Manager portal

Available in 30 languages, Docebo is a cloud-based LMS for e-learning. With some of the world’s best brands using the platform to learn, Docebo boasts they can increase learner engagement by +300%.

The AI-based LMS platform has a user-friendly interface that works on mobile devices. Managers and business leaders can monitor their learners’ progress with intuitive dashboards, simplifying the process of ensuring learners complete training events.

Docebo has won many awards–giving you confidence in knowing your investment is worthwhile.

While Docebo is quote-based, businesses can schedule a demo here.  

5. Absorb LMS

Best for: Global corporations who want to offer multi-model learning

Key features:

  • Interactive training materials
  • Assignment scheduling
  • Ease of use
  • Content delivery and tracking
  • Custom certifications

Absorb LMS is perfect for delivering multi-modal learning, for example, online training, instructor-led training, and blended learning programs.

Many of its customers are in the construction, hospital, healthcare, and computer software industries. Easy-to-navigate features, like controlling user privileges, make Docebo a good choice for businesses looking for simplicity.

Social learning is another key function. Docebo promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing through social learning features. Users can engage in discussions, share resources, and interact with each other through forums, chat, and user-generated content.

Flexible pricing options are available. Request a demo here.

6. LearnUpon

Best for: Enterprises who want users to collaborate

Key features:

  • Quick and simple setup
  • Unlimited free support
  • Drag and drop function to create online courses
  • Discussion boards

TalentLMS offers a learning experience that’s accessible and enjoyable to use. An all-in-one platform combines training materials and tools from one interface. 

With over 3 million courses to their belt, TalentLMS offers a no strings attached, forever-free account. Discussion forums enable users to interact and support each other–making learning enjoyable and less isolating. 

Not only are TalentLMS features an alternative to consider, but they also pride themselves on having strong ethical values. The company organizes blood drives, donates to good causes, and even adopts stray animals.

8. Litmos 

Best for: Top-performing enterprises and non-profits 

Key features:

  • Comprehensive learning library
  • Simple reporting function
  • Assign due dates for compliance training
  • Regular support set-up meetings

Established in 2007, Litmos has a clean and modern interface. The software offers task automation, simplifying learner enrollment, task assignment, and learning paths–optimizing productivity.

Litmos can schedule and manage live instructor-led sessions, offering a blended learning approach. A customizable platform makes the learning experience engaging and relevant. 

Great for non-profit organizations that need a training platform for employees and volunteers, Litmos offers a cost-effective solution to upskill their staff and volunteers. 

9. HowNow

Best for: Organizations with a remote and hybrid workforce

Key features:

  • Learn from anywhere
  • Automatic deadline reminder alerts
  • Custom rules and integrations
  • Dedicated customer success manager

HowNow claims to increase learner engagement by 5x more over traditional LMS platforms. The software solution gives a learning experience that helps small and large businesses onboard, upskill, and support employees quickly.

HowNow offers a personalized learning experience, empowering users, regardless of location, to learn independently. 

Pre-built learning content gives flexibility. Many course topics are reasonably short and easily digestible. Businesses can increase productivity and efficiency since HowNow integrates with a vast range of sales, marketing, HR, and productivity applications, like HubSpot and Bamboo HR.

10. Moodle

Best for: Educational establishments, freelancers, and large businesses 

Key features:

  • Flexible and adaptable teaching methods
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Bulk course creation
  • Open-source LMS

Moodle LMS is an e-learning platform for all sizes of organizations, big or small. Fully customizable options make course development unique and tailored to your needs. Moodle allows businesses to create online courses that best meet learners’ needs.

With a client base spanning 241 countries, Moodle offers engaging and secure e-learning experiences. Accessible for a range of learning events, fully remote or blended learning, the platform can accommodate different learning styles.

Moodle is open-source, so users have free access. But paid plans are available if you need the technical know-how.

Request a 45-day free trial.

Choose the best LMS platform for your unique business needs

The ten LMS providers listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. While most LMS platforms have some common characteristics, many have distinct features. 

Research the best LMS platform for your specific needs, industry, and goals.

Create a dynamic learning environment with Blossom, the world’s most comprehensive software platform for managing and controlling resource planning, employee development, performance, and more. 

Drive your business forward. Develop the skills of your people and engage, motivate, and inspire everyone to become lifelong learners.

Do you want to learn more about how Blossom can create a better learning environment? Schedule a demo today.