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Remove administrative headaches and nurture a more skilled, competent and engaged workforce

With training and qualifications management, complex approval/authorisation workflows and automated attendance tracking, Blossom transforms public sector learning and development.

Personalise career development pathways

Guide and support employees towards personal career development across all departments, levels and skill-sets with OJT, coaching capabilities and AI-skills matching that helps identify relevant learning opportunities, courses and competencies.

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Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

John Doe

John Doe

IT Project Manager, Migdal

Simplify training & qualification management

Automated workflows digitalise and centralise course approvals, registrations and attendance records for more effective training and budget management across departments and locations.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Keep on top of compliance training, certification and audits with automated notifications and reminders that remove the reliance on manual processes, and reports that highlight areas of concern.

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Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

John Doe

John Doe

IT Project Manager, Migdal

Increase employee engagement

LXP capabilities empower employees to collaborate with colleagues, access shared resources and curate playlists of learning and course materials in line with personal interests and career goals.

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How public sector organisations use Blossom

From central government and local authorities to sub-contracted service organisations, Blossom is transforming public sector learning and development and modernising the employee learning and skills experience.

    The Movement’s partnership with Blossom evidences how a purpose-driven learning management platform has revolutionized training delivery, engagement, and administration within a complex organization.

    Hebrew Scouts Movement

    PERACH had time-consuming and resource-intensive practices, often leading to inconsistencies in learning experiences. With Blossom, administrative tasks were automated. New mentors were onboarded and upskilled quickly–creating an appetite for continuous learning.

    Liat Segal

    HR Manager and Manager of Learning,

    A lack of reporting tools made monitoring learners’ progress and completion rates difficult. Blossom helped OTI improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of its training initiatives with agility to meet complex needs.

    Dana Kosto

    Leaning System Manager,

    Blossom transitioned the Israel Tax Authority from its outdated, manual training management system to innovative digital tracking, a friendly computer-based LMS and automated surveying.

    Blossom was instrumental in implementing quick, efficient training channels that connect the entire Indian Air Force, enabling a huge user-base to stay updated and informed.

    A large and leading educational institution in Brazil chose the Blossom platform to manage its distributed learning environment in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner, with the capability of reaching hundreds of thousands of more users.


Secure, scalable flexibility

Customise your perfect platform choosing from a range of modular features designed to streamline complex admin workflows and foster a culture of learning.

Features popular with government & public sector organisations

  • Portals

    The portals module allows the quick and creation of multiple portals/dashboards to give employees quick and easy access to relevant courses, knowledge and HR information without the need for additional development.

  • Forms

    Create forms that can be embedded and used in approval sequences anywhere in the system.

    Explore all team and task management capabilities.

  • Kiosk process support

    Provide OTP login for users to complete learning and mark attendance using  shared devices or kiosks.

  • Training campus administration

    Take control of instructor-led training (ILT) with Blossom’s suite of training administration tools that allow you to improve registration processes, prevent instructor and resource clashes, and more.

    Learn about Blossom’s other training administration features.

  • Qualifications

    Create regular and period qualifications and certifications with expiry alerts, failure notifications and designated reports.

    Browse all qualifications and certification management capabilities.


Why government organisations choose Blossom

Staying up to date with frequently changing policies and procedures whilst remaining competent in the day-to-day delivery of public-facing roles can be challenging at the best of times.

The need to navigate bureaucracy while at the same time ensuring employees have access to key learning and development opportunities and performance support takes time and resources away from where it matters most – delivering effective public services.

Transform organisational learning and development

Blossom takes care of the manual administration associated with training and developing employees and gives teams the tools they need to stay connected, collaborate and perform at their best. Automating complex processes helps streamline operations, saving time and money and giving users a more personalised, engaging learning experience.

  • Simplify processes
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce churn

Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

John Doe

John Doe

IT Project Manager, Migdal

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