Secure, Scalable Learning Technology, Hosted Your Way

In a world where the only constant is change, Blossom’s agile and secure infrastructure, dynamic API and range of hosting options combine to provide a flexible, future-proof, learning solution that supports organic growth needs – even at Enterprise scale.

Hosting Infrastructure

Choose SaaS, Cloud or On-Premise Hosting

Blossom’s technical team is highly experienced at installing both on the Cloud and on-premise – providing a range of options to best suit individual customer requirements


Blossom SaaS

Most popular where users are located in multiple locations and there is limited internal technical capability

  • Easy to upgrade and repair – you decide on dates that suit you
  • No risk of information/data leakage between tenants due to code bugs
  • Cheaper than self-hosted or on-premise installation

Hosted or On-Premise Installation

Most popular where greater flexibility is required or the majority of users are located in a single territory

  • Choose from partitioned Oracle Cloud or high-availability AWS
  • Install on your own servers (on-premise), internals, and/or DMZ
  • Highly flexible customisation options

Not sure which hosting option is best for you?


A future-proof IT investment

An agile, modular design and advanced API capabilities power Blossom’s unique ability to grow organically in line with your evolving needs.



There’s no need to worry about whether you’ll be able to connect to additional or alternative tools in the future as your business updates and adopts new software. You will!



Our expert technical team are on hand to ensure that, large or small, there’s virtually no customisation or configuration need that Blossom can’t support.



In fact, the freedom and flexibility provided by the Blossom API is one of the many reasons why customers choose Blossom when looking to replace their existing learning platform.

Software Requirements

The current version of Blossom has the following IT requirements:

  • PHP v7.4 or above
  • MySQL v5.7 or above
  • IIS 7 or Apache type-2 server
  • Local or cloud storage of user files
  • Windows Server 2016 64-bit or above*

*Blossom will run on Windows 10, but we do not recommend it

Integrations & API

Stay in sync with your entire business IT ecosystem

Remove the reliance on manual processes with advanced, dynamic APIs that allow you to automatically create, update, connect and delete system objects on a scheduled or individual request basis.

  • Import external data, fast
  • Support system-wide SSO
  • Automate data updates

Seamlessly connect your key business tools

From everyday workplace management tools like MS Teams and Google Workspace, to HR and Payroll systems, customer service platforms, industry-specific, and even bespoke in-house tools, Blossom connects seamlessly with the software and systems your business relies on.

Create customised HR & Employee Portals

Make it easy for employees to create no-code personalised portals to access what’s most important to them.

Provide quick access to elearning, classroom training, reports, resources or anything else on an individual, role, department, or location basis.

Data Security

Keep users and data safe, always

No matter how many users you have or where in the world they are located, Blossom provides peace of mind with a range of security measures to keep them safe, and backup, recovery and disaster recovery plans to keep your business running should the worst happen.

Information security as standard

Blossom has a range of security features baked into the core platform code and our teams’ internal operating processes to help protect customers from data breaches and cyberattacks, including:

  • Annual penetration testing

  • IP-restricted access

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support

  • Use of SSL between system and end-user

  • Automatic log-out of inactive users

We love our clients, and they love us too!

Whether it’s our modular design, easy of customisation, or flexibility to scale, our clients love the Blossom platform.

    ZIM was in desperate need of a streamlined compliance process. Since Blossom, employee participation levels have increased and regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met.

    Ofit Gortler

    Training Developer,
    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

    Blossom transitioned the Israel Tax Authority from its outdated, manual training management system to innovative digital tracking, a friendly computer-based LMS and automated surveying.

    A large and leading educational institution in Brazil chose the Blossom platform to manage its distributed learning environment in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner, with the capability of reaching hundreds of thousands of more users.

Infrastructure FAQs

Answers to some common questions our team get asked about the Blossom platform security, integration and hosting.

Got other questions you need answered?