Transformative Growth: A Deep Dive into Yozmot Group’s 3X Growth and Shift in Learning and Development

November 5, 2023

Blossom’s LXP contributed to a 300% threefold increase in learner engagement. Customisable features offered complete flexibility as the Yozmot Group expands and reaches new territories.

The team at Plasson understands the importance of complying with a raft of international health, hygiene, and safety legislation.

The global leader producer of plastic fittings for plumbing, water, and gas, struggled to have a consistent approach for its learning and development function–resulting in inconsistency, duplicated training processes, and incomplete data.

Not only did they have weak methods of integrating existing technology, but they also wanted a comprehensive solution to help scale.

About Yozmot Group:

Established in 2002 in Israel, Yozmot Group is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives by providing essential tools and developmental skills. 

By leveraging community networks and fostering an optimistic approach to personal, business, and corporate objectives, the organisation delivers comprehensive consulting, coaching, and support for personal, organisational, and business development–removing barriers, unlocking potential, and reaching higher goals.

With 10,000 students and a network of 14 branches across Israel, Yozmot Group is the largest organization in life-changing education. 


In the pre-COVID era, Yozmot Group conducted face-to-face teaching and coaching. However, the impact of the pandemic led to significant changes to how the Group offered education and training to employees–forcing a rapid transformation.

The Group had no educational content nor processes in place to suit digital learning. Since Yozmot Group is a unique organisation, finding a customisable solution to meet their emerging needs proved challenging. 

The company could not host their interpersonal content in a centralised platform—this restricted access to lectures, assessments, tests, and real-time feedback. 

Problems Solved: 

  • Comprehensive L&D systems support a digital learning environment–efficiently facilitating a blended learning program by having a mix of face-to-face and online training. 
  • Adaptable online learning environments now support lectures, assessments, tests, and real-time. feedback, replicating the interactive aspects of face-to-face learning.
  • Learners can access Calendly events to schedule meetings with their lecturers to seek advice and receive feedback, reducing waiting times and administrative effort.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blossom’s LXP contributed to a 300% threefold increase in learner engagement.
  • New possibilities were uncovered, leading to expansion into geographical areas and unlocking the potential to offer a wide range of courses.
  • Customisable features offer complete flexibility as the Group expands and reaches new territories.
  • Learners and tutors can communicate using a centralised platform–reducing duplication and the risk of missing important information.

Client Quote:

Enon Landenberg

[Blossom] platform is agile and allows Yozmot to evolve with the challenges that the education sector brings with it. We can add more and more content and features to develop a real sense of community among all the users.


Enon Landenberg Yozmot Group