A Leading Global Jewelry Retailer Boosts Sales with Digitized On-the-Job Staff Training

August 12, 2019

The Israeli distributor of Pandora called on Blossom expertise to develop a computerized staff training platform for a distributed, dynamic workforce.

The Israeli distributor of Pandora called on Blossom expertise to develop a computerized staff training platform for a distributed, dynamic workforce

The Client

Pandora is an internationally renowned jewelry brand, with a presence in 100 countries and 2600 concept stores worldwide. City Time Group is the exclusive distributor of Pandora jewelry in Israel, which is sold in 54 locations throughout the country, including Pandora stores and franchise stores. With over 60 staff members and more than 200 sales staff, City Time was searching for a smart, versatile training system to manage its complex staff training processes and knowledge management requirements.

The Challenge

In the retail industry, high turnover of sales staff is an ongoing challenge, necessitating constant management and monitoring of on-the-job training for new employees in multiple store locations. In addition, the Pandora brand comprises a large number of products and fast turnover of inventory. Sales staff are required to learn regularly about new products in order to provide the high level of customer service for which the brand is renowned. City Time Group, the distributor of Pandora in Israel, was suffering from a lack of effective tools for the development, distribution and monitoring of staff training activities.The company was searching for a solution that would meet the complex needs of on-the-job training and knowledge transfer processes in a distributed organization.

The Solution

City Time Group chose to work with Blossom to create a customized training platform that would provide a solution to a number of critical requirements:

Computerized on-the-job training

Via Blossom’s digital platform, the client has the ability to provide on-the-job training to new and existing sales staff, wherever they are located – in stores, or at sales kiosks in shopping malls and other public areas. Training programs are housed on one central computerized platform, accessible by individual trainees according to their personal login details. In addition, the system facilitates peer-to-peer training and sharing of training materials in a fast, efficient manner, and managers have the capability to track and monitor the progress of individual trainees, ensuring they have properly completed the necessary training programs.

Development of knowledge transfer processes

Due to the large amount of product information that sales staff need to learn, the Blossom solution included processes for internal transfer of knowledge between members of staff, including trainers, trainees and peers. This enables far greater efficiency in the processes required to equip sales staff with the knowledge about fast moving inventory to enable them to perform better on the sales floor.

Internal branding

Blossom’s training platform features Pandora branding, an important aspect of the overall training experience that maintains a uniform, professional “look and feel”, and encourages employee participation in the company’s official training programs.

Feedback & reports

The Blossom training platform was customized for the client with feedback and reporting functions, enabling effective communication between employees and managers. These functions give managers the capability to analyze the performance of individual employees, sales teams and stores, ensuring that training programs are delivering the expected results and that staff members are working at the required level.