All the tools you need to help your teams earn qualifications and remain compliant

Handling everything from registration through training, renewals and reporting, Blossom makes managing even complex qualification, certification and apprenticeship programmes easy.

Simplify complex qualification workflows and renewals

Manage and track learner progress with ease using easy-to-create workflows and automated processes, reminders and notifications that remove the need for time-consuming manual administration, reduce errors and improve compliance.

Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

John Doe

John Doe

IT Project Manager, Migdal

Data-driven insights and reporting

Gain actionable insights at an individual, team and organisation-wide level with a suite of analytics and reporting tools that allow users and managers to understand learner progress and performance, make informed decisions, and work towards continuous improvements.

Find out more about analytics and reporting

Secure and accessible scalability

Ensure learners can access key qualification and certification courses and materials, no matter their access needs – even at scale – with a range of built-in security features to ensure that your users and their data remain safe always.

Find out more about data security

Ticks all your “must-have” boxes – and more!

Whether you’re specifically looking for a new qualifications management system, or certification is just one of many challenges you’re trying to solve, Blossom’s modular design and dynamic API allow you to customise and configure your platform in line with your evolving business needs.

Scalable qualification management platforms

As a common use case, almost all Blossom customers opt for a similar set of features when configuring their perfect qualification or certification management system.

  • Qualifications & certifications management

    Simplify creation and renewal processes, transform the internship experience, and provide access to external users with a range of features to help you stay on top of certifiable knowledge and skills.

    Explore all qualifications and certification management features.

  • Elearning module

    Enable distribution of SCORM and xAPI learning objects with optional notifications.

    A core learning management feature that sits at the heart of your qualification management system too.

  • Questionnaires, Tests & Surveys

    Create, distribute, and report on quizzes, test and surveys.

  • Course Templates & Meetings

    Another LMS feature that’s also popular for certification management, allowing you to manage course templates and create conditions for performance based on attendance in meetings.

  • Reports module

    This module gives the ability to view reports on relevant modules and add custom fields to user-based reports, and export to Excel or PDF.

    Find out more about Blossom’s full analytics and reporting capabilities.


We love our clients, and they love us too!

Whether it’s our modular design, easy of customisation, or flexibility to scale, our clients love the Blossom platform.

    ZIM was in desperate need of a streamlined compliance process. Since Blossom, employee participation levels have increased and regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met.

    Ofit Gortler

    Training Developer,
    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

    Blossom’s LXP contributed to a 300% threefold increase in learner engagement. Customisable features offered complete flexibility as the Yozmot Group expands and reaches new territories.

    Enon Landenberg

    Yozmot Group

    A lack of reporting tools made monitoring learners’ progress and completion rates difficult. Blossom helped OTI improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of its training initiatives with agility to meet complex needs.

    Dana Kosto

    Leaning System Manager,

    SodaStream improved its diversity and inclusion efforts by offering training in different languages, which formed an integral part of its digital transformation. As a result, it offers training that not only meets the diverse needs of individual employees but also gives HR leaders the data they need to make informed decisions.

    Orit Barkama

    Learning and Development Manager,
    Soda Stream

    A large healthcare provider needed Blossom’s reliable LMS to deliver diverse training across many different job titles. Prior to implementing Blossom, they used a simple solution, which was limited to a single departmental computer. Today, Blossom is being utilised by 90% or Rambam’s workforce.

    Shai Ashkenazi

    Head of Training & Development,

    Migdal required an organisational management solution that would be configurable and dynamic to meet its shifting needs. Upon implementation, Migdal has experienced significant increases in user adoption and engagement, and its IT team has been positively impacted due to the stability of Blossom’s platform.

    Shahar Dror

    Senior Project Manager,


Why businesses choose Blossom for Qualification Management

No matter your size or industry, it’s likely that your workforce needs to be certified or recognised as qualified in certain areas in order to perform their role in a compliant, safe and effective manner. But the often complex administrative processes involved in managing such qualifications mean that a standard LMS isn’t quite up to the task.

Monitor and maintain a qualified workforce

Blossom provides organisations with a scalable, user-friendly solution that handles learning and training management, qualifications, apprenticeships, compliance and more.

A unique modular design offers both flexibility and affordability for businesses of all sizes, and our customer support team is on hand to ensure that however complex your customisation or hosting requirements, you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Modern UI/UX
  • Advanced architecture
  • Reduced TCO
  • Industry experience
  • Great customer service

Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

John Doe

John Doe

IT Project Manager, Migdal

Qualification Management FAQs

Got other questions you need answered? Let us know.

  • Can I automatically issue certifications?

    Yes, you can configure Blossom’s settings so that certificates/diplomas are issued automatically upon successful completion of the relevant requirements.

    Check out the Knowledge Base for details.

  • Can I use different learning objects for “refresher” certifications?

    Yes, in Blossom you can configure learning objects for the first completion, and use totally different one(s) for refreshers. 

    For example, you may wish to use a shorter/alternative set of learning objects for refresher courses than you do when certifying a user for the first time.

  • Can I automate annual renewal processes?

    Yes, in Blossom there is a “date of year” option which limits access to specific materials to that period.

    For example, you may choose to renew or re-certify users on different subjects/courses at different points in the year, “Ethical code” in January, “Office Safety” in April, etc.

  • How secure is the Blossom platform?

    Yes, the Blossom Partner Network ensures that no matter where in the world you’re located, there’s a local partner that both speaks your language and knows you – and the Blossom platform – inside out.


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