Staff training and development: 5 top tips for effective enterprise learning management 

April 4, 2023

This article guides you through the top tips for enterprise learning management. You’ll learn the key guidelines to organize training for large, complex groups of people, as is typical within large enterprises. 

People are the greatest asset of enterprise organizations. Your enterprise’s success depends on your team’s ability to carry out their duties to high standards. With time, these standards change and upskilling is necessary. It’s your duty to equip your team with staff training and development for them to succeed in their job. This becomes complicated when you’re training a large group of people at the same time. A tailored and sophisticated training program must be at the core of enterprise learning management. This article guides you through the top tips for enterprise learning management, so you can incorporate these into your staff training and development program. You’ll learn the key guidelines to organize training for large, complex groups of people, as is typical within large enterprises. 

Why is staff training and development important? 

Staff training and development ultimately provides your team with the confidence and skills they need to perform their roles with confidence. Training is where you enhance the knowledge of your team with brand new information, focusing on how they can embed and implement this information. Staff development relates to assisting in your team member’s career journey with strategy-based training that’s centered around both company and career-related goals. 

Getting staff training and development right has many key benefits: 

  • Enable your team to perform at their highest potential – Carefully crafted training programs enable your team to remain at the top of their game. This can be achieved by building their confidence with enterprise learning management. This has a direct impact on you meeting your goals and increasing revenue. Staff training and development increases your team’s agility, unifying your workforce and creating resilience. 
  • Helps staff retention – Statistics show that today’s workers want opportunities to train.  

According to PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022, the biggest priorities of the young workers of today are training, development, flexibility, autonomy, and transparency on social issues. 

  • Provides you with critical insights – With the data analytics collected and securely stored with an enterprise learning management system, you know exactly what skills your teams possess and what you need to recruit for or develop further. Spot trends so you can tailor training to your team. For example, you can see which module has the worst scores and which subject takes the longest for your team to understand. This indicates your team perhaps needs some additional training sessions on this.   

Investing in your staff training and development with enterprise learning management benefits your business greatly. With the sophisticated workflow capabilities of a purpose-built enterprise learning management system, you can continually deliver and monitor training in an efficient way that works around information retention and practical skills implementation.  Serving up valuable information in a huge variety of formats and engaging delivery methods. This has a direct impact on task completion, team morale and your revenue.  

5 top tips for efficient enterprise learning management

We understand the difficulties that can arise when training a large group of people. Whether you’re training in person or remotely, here’s how to make the process smooth with enterprise learning management. 

1. Combine convenience with your training

Convenience is key for information retention. For some industries, there is not enough time, room, space, or resources to provide dedicated, focused training. With an enterprise learning management system, training can be completed from any device, on the go, essentially anywhere with an internet connection, at any time of the day. 

Convenient learning helps your team learn at their own pace and when it suits them. Whether it’s 10 minutes on the bus in the mornings or while they have no emails to reply to, their training goals will soon be met without causing burnout. 

2. Consider the different ways people learn 

Engagement is key! Keep your learning varied with audio files, slides, videos, webinars, and most importantly storytelling. Providing storytelling such as real-life examples and comparative metaphors helps with training goals. As written in a University of Pennsylvania Journal: Storytelling“places ideas in a broader context, providing a richer understanding and creating a durable memory – we remember in context, and we forget isolated facts.” 

You can measure engagement levels with an enterprise learning management system to know how effective your training is. When choosing an enterprise learning management system, take note of how easy it is to upload content in the forms you expect to use. Customizing the dashboard and ensuring the system is easy to use also helps your team’s learning.

3. Buddy up trainees with a mentor 

Descriptive learning is no replacement for practical learning. Buddying up new people, or a group of people, with an experienced team member, lets them get all their questions answered and they see exactly what their training looks like on the job. 

Include real-life experiences and quotations from the mentor within your training content to make the training really come to life. 

4. Track progress to provide a personal touch

Tracking the training of a large group of trainees can be difficult; these people become test results in a spreadsheet rather than real-life people with specific needs. Using the data analytics from an enterprise learning management system allows you to have complete visibility of training progress. See what skills your trainees possess, how quickly they learn, and who needs some additional support. 

When reviewing your training content, you can use data analytics to see if it responds well to your team. Identify if certain modules need to be rewritten or prepared in a different format. 

5. Ensure you train the correct hierarchies 

It’s a frustrating experience sitting through training you know is not relevant to your job role. This is usually caused by a heavy reliance on standardized training for all. Or it could be down to a mistake in manually assigning someone the wrong training. This causes information overload. Team members don’t respond well to this. They perceive that you don’t value their time and they don’t put their full concentration into future training. 

For certain topics such as sharing your company policy, standardized training will be fine. But niche training is needed for certain job roles. An enterprise learning management system makes it easy to assign the correct training to the right person, no matter how complicated your hierarchy is. 

How Blossom can help 

Blossom is an enterprise learning management system that helps you manage all your resources, and training, with customizable and user-friendly features. It helps you grow seamlessly with simple content creation and curation. With Blossom, it’s easy to make the training interactive and enjoyable to help with information retention. No matter how complicated your hierarchy is, or if you experience connectivity issues, Blossom can help with training a large group of employees. 

Blossom is also a modular enterprise learning management system that grows with your business as your needs change. This scalability lends itself to fast-growing companies and enterprise-scale businesses with diverse needs. Blossom’s training workflow management capabilities are sophisticated enough to manage large scale, global training programs. Its automated learning management features are purpose built to drive enterprise scale organizations with ease. 

Ultimately, enterprise learning management aims to get your new hires ready to perform in their new job. This supports your people, who are the backbone of your business. Show your people you value them with Blossom. They have their own productive and enjoyable workspace that helps them in their career progression. To easily implement our top tips for enterprise learning management, book a demo of Blossom. 

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