How Blossom transformed Flex’s entire learning, development, and onboarding processes

October 26, 2023

Solid collaboration between Flex and Blossom solved training challenges quickly. Blossom’s easy-to-use interface allows everyone to identify training gaps, reflect on goals, and celebrate achievements.

Case Study: Flex

Investing locally: How Blossom helped Flex get complete oversight of its training and development function

Struggling to analyze and evaluate compliance training amongst 4000 employees was one of the many challenges the team at Flex experienced. The team wanted a solution that understood the value of workforce development–agile enough to offer a unique package yet robust enough to fulfill requirements. Previous issues with Cornerstone influenced the decision to invest in a first-class software company with a local presence and global reach.

About Flex:

Flex is the world’s largest and most diverse supply chain network. A 50-year proven track record of responding rapidly to emerging regional, trade, and manufacturing trends enables them to meet customers’ needs with global coverage and regional efficacy.

Its technology innovation, supply chain leadership, and manufacturing solutions add value to customers through sustainable manufacturing processes that reduce environmental impact.

With a global workforce of 150,000 employees spanning 30 countries, Flex has a diverse workforce of 4000 employees based in Israel.


Flex faced challenges with onboarding new employees. Many individuals lacked access to computers for training and development.

The supply chain company found other providers lacked the flexibility and agility needed to meet its complex needs. Implementing changes and enhancements with its previous provider took too long–given its complex organization with multiple job functions and departments. To complicate matters, Flex needed to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and have solid auditing processes.

Problems Solved: 

  • Met the training needs of a complex workforce where employees have similar job roles, but variations in function.
  • Employees take ownership of meeting compliance training requirements enabling managers to oversee other business priorities
  • Access to flexible, modular training programs enabled the team to provide high-quality onboarding, classroom training, and certifications to employees with limited or no IT access
  • Customizable analytics and reports give insights into performance from multiple perspectives–allowing the team to make data-driven decisions

Key Takeaways:

  •  Solid collaboration between Flex and Blossom solved training challenges quickly
  • Access to Blossom’s comprehensive auditing features provides real-time analytics about compliance training and other learning events
  • Investment in Blossom as a software provider with extensive learning knowledge allowed the team to meet the training of a diverse workforce
  • Blossom’s easy-to-use interface allows everyone to identify training gaps, reflect on goals, and celebrate achievements
  • Blossom’s outstanding customer service and technical ability allowed Flex to transition from Cornerstone with minimal disruption

Client Quote:

Kob Zurich

It's tough finding a solution that really works with your needs. Flex is very complex. We have lots of requests that might be unusual for different companies. Blossom is super great. It gives us the full picture of what we need.


Kob Zurich, Training and Development Manager, Flex